It is possible to extend AVVX using other compatible technologies. Other verions of AVVX, besides JavaScript, may also be developed.


Currently, the 5th AVVX behavior (key “g” or 5th button) is a “Processing” behavior that allows running Processing sketches inside AVVX. The sketches are selectable in the same way as normal groups.

You can add sketches to the “Sketches” folder. It will look better if you copy these 2 lines of code to the begining of your Processing sketch:

void avvx_init() { return "sketchName"; }
void avvx_resize(canvasWidth, canvasHeight) { size(canvasWidth, canvasHeight); }

(replace sketchName by anything you would like to be shown)

In the draw() method of the sketch, add background(0,0) to make it transparent
Add another line in the end of media.xml,  under <sketches>, for example:

<sketch id="0" url="http://www.openprocessing.org/sketch/74380">slash.pde</sketch>


The old, Flash-based, version of AVVX can still be downloaded: https://code.google.com/p/avvx/

SVG animations

If you open SVGs with a text/code editor, you can add animation behaviors, such as rotation, movement (translation), scale, and opacity/color changes. Links: